01- Bread and butter

(gluten-free option)

02- Bruschetta

with garlic, olive oil and aioli.

03- Bruschetta

with garlic, olive oil, natural tomato.

04- Bruschetta

with garlic, provoletta and bacon.

05- Olives from Seville

With anchovy flavour.

06- Beef Carpaccio

Matured for 60 days, seasoned with Maldon salt, olive oil and Parmesan flakes.

07- Grilled veal sweetbreads

Served with lemon.

08- Assortment of chorizo, chistorras and butifarra sausages.

special for snacking (2 persons).

09- Provoletta with sausage

(2 persons sharing) Grilled provolone wheel with chorizo criollo sausage.

10- Iberian ham croquettes

11- Grilled wild green asparagus

With Béarnaise sauce.

12- Wrinkled potatoes

with Canarian mojos.

13- Grilled vegetables and mushrooms

Seasonal vegetables with Bearnaise sauce.

14- Prawns with garlic

Garlic prawns with olive oil and brandy flambé.

15- Wagyu black pudding

with caramelised onion.

16- Padrón peppers

With coarse salt.

17- Fresh melon with Serrano ham

18- Avocados of the house

Avocados with prawns, pineapple, pink sauce and pink caviar roe.

19- Saharan squid Andalusian style

Served with aioli sauce.

20- Garlic mushrooms

Natural mushrooms with olive oil, garlic and chilli.

21- Fried Camembert

Served with fresh cranberry sauce.

24- From the garden with avocado

Lettuce mix with seasonal vegetables, avocado and roasted peppers with honey mustard vinaigrette.

25- Greek

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives, feta cheese, coriander, oregano and honey vinaigrette.

26- Caesar

Breaded chicken salad, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, boiled egg, caesar dressing and crispy bacon.

22- From Grandma

Authentic vegetable soup cooked in its own broth plus olive oil and parmesan cheese.

23- From the farm

Special soup with broth, homemade chicken pieces and served with thin noodles.

24- Tomato cream

With a touch of basil and virgin olive oil.